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New Student Special Offer!

Take advantage of our New Student Special to get fit, get motivated, or just get moving! Phoenix Academy is offering a special two week, one month, or six weeks special offer that includes a free Academy uniform with belt. A Black Belt Instructor will introduce you to the basics of Tae Kwon Do martial arts. Then you will progress to group sessions with students of your age and skill level, all working together and making new friends.

Now is the time to find out if Phoenix Academy Tae Kwon Do is right for you! We offer lessons for the beginner or advanced student to place you in a class according to your skill level. We believe a single class is not enough to decide if any sport or Academy is right for you.

Thats why we offer this summer introductory package: attend four classes, over 14 days OR three classes per week for one month, or the whole summer of six weeks! This is the best way you can say you have given this amazing sport an honest chance.

Choose the best special offer for your busy schedule. Don’t wait! try our program by calling today or clicking on the Special Offer button below and complete the form. One of our friendly, professional staff will be in contact with you to answer all your questions and start your martial arts journey of fitness, confidence, and self-discipline to a better you!

Reintroducing Adult Morning Class!

Join our martial arts class for those seeking improved fitness and health. Whether you are looking to balance your mental and physical wellbeing, or just seeking an intense workout – we have something for everyone in our martial arts class!

Achieve the ultimate sense of clarity and focus through the rigorous movements, postures, breathing exercises and self-defense drills that come with martial arts Not only does it strengthen your body but also your mindset!

Let’s do this together!

Online Special Offer! 


Act Now to Reserve Your Special Offer – Space Is Limited!

We have classes for children Age 4 & Up, for Youth & Adults at every level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced & Black Belt classes.

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We offer a variety of programs at Phoenix Black Belt Academy and, for each, we have web specials you can take advantage of.

To access our current web special for a particular program, just click on its link below.

A new window will open to a page where you can sign up to access the current martial arts special offer for that program.

Martial Arts For Children

Martial Arts For Children

character, friendship, confidence, and self defense

Martial Arts For Kids & Parents

families train together for fitness and self confidence

Fitness PROGRAM For Adults

self defense, weight loss and confidence

Children & Teen Birthday Parties

supervised fun with no stress and no work

We hope you’ll take advantage of this online special offer from Phoenix Black Belt Academy

Bullying and depression

Bullying and depression often go hand in hand for both the victims as well as the bullies. People who experience cyber bullying are at an even greater risk of developing clinical depression. Fortunately, there are ways that parents can take action by being attentive to the warning signs and helping their children learn ways to […]

Discipline Mistakes Parents Make

Although almost every parent wants great kids, many parents aren’t sure how to get there. Here are three of the most common child discipline mistakes and how to avoid them. 1. Treating children like pets, not people Starting in the womb, the entire journey of having children is often viewed as a fun new venture […]

Second Sparring Seminar and Compitition

Great turnout with our second sparring seminar and inter club competition with everyone learning a lot of new skills and demonstrating them by competing for a medal!    

Make it a PLAY DATE! Kids Night Out

Kids Night Out Because Kids Need A Break Too Wow! What a great and fantastic night with our favorite instructors and amazing students as we all welcomed spring break with lots of fun and excitement while playing a lot of challenging games that keep everyone giggling,...

Amazing Feat for Raymond and Patrick!

Patrick and Raymond at the Mt. Everest Base Camp! They had a tough climb up Mt. Everest and really showed the true Phoenix spirit, even carrying their own Academy flag! We are so proud of your accomplishment and you are an inspiration to us all. Here is their story:...

Leadership Seminar a big success!

There was a great turnout for the Phoenix Level 1 Leadership Seminar! The seminar was organized to offer junior Black Belts and Black Belt Candidates a chance to learn the foundations of leadership in the community and our Academy. There were lectures and exercises to describe how to be a leader and a future assistant […]

Verbal Bullying: What it is and how to stop it

  Verbal bullying is a serious issue that many children and teenagers face. In order to put a stop to this type of abuse, parents, teachers and members of the community must first understand what it is. Once a verbal bullying situation is recognized, a variety of strategies can be used to stop it before […]

Training in the Park!!

The morning Adult Class is enjoying the cooler weather with outdoor training in Barsha Park. Sure beats the air conditioning to finally breathe fresh air!! WE LOVE WINTER IN DUBAI!  


Here is your free report on making your child’s birthday party fabulous and worry-free (download PDF) Your child spends a whole year in anticipation of this one very special day. Their birthday is their day to shine, when he or she is the star of the show and their...

3 Ways to Help Your Child Improve Their Focus

Does your child find it difficult to concentrate on one thing? There are many factors why children have difficulty in focusing, especially in the learning process. You probably want to teach your child something they need to learn while their young. The problem may be is that his attention span is very short. Although it’s […]

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