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New Student Special Offer!

Take advantage of our New Student Special to get fit, get motivated, or just get moving! Phoenix Academy is offering a two week special offer that includes a free Academy uniform with belt. Over the next 14 days you will receive two private lessons, one on one with a black belt Instructor who will introduce you to the basics of Tae Kwon Do martial arts. Then you progress to the group sessions with students of your age and skill level all working together learning new skills and making new friends.

Now is the time to find out if Phoenix Academy Tae Kwon Do is right for you! We offer two private lessons for the beginner or advanced student, followed by four regular classes in accordance to your ability and skill level. We believe a single class is not enough to decide if this sport or Academy is right for you. Only with six classes over 14 days can you say you have given this sport the effort required.

Call now and book your first private lesson and meet our amazing, experienced staff, Master Graves with over 20 years experience teaching martial arts, and our great community of fellow students.Adults and youth classes available, see our Programs and Schedule page for timings. Don’t wait! call our staff now for details or come see our dynamic, fun, challenging classes for yourself. Go Phoenix!/p>

Online Special Offer! 


Act Now to Reserve Your Special Offer – Numbers Are Limited

We have classes for children Age 4 & Up, youth & Adults. Beginner, Intermediate, Advance & Black belt classes.

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We offer a variety of programs at Phoenix Black Belt Academy and, for each, we have web specials you can take advantage of.

To access our current web special for a particular program, just click on its link below.

A new window will open to a page where you can sign up to access the current martial arts special offer for that program.

Martial Arts For Children

Martial Arts For Children

character, fitness and self defense

Martial Arts For Kids & Parents

train together for fitness and self confidence

Fitness Kickboxing For Adults

self defense, weight loss and confidence

Children & Teen Birthday Parties

supervised fun with no stress and no work

We hope you’ll take advantage of one of these online special offers from Phoenix Black Belt Academy.

Make it a PLAY DATE! Kids Night Out

Kids Night Out Because Kids Need A Break Too Wow! What a great and fantastic night with our favorite instructors and amazing students as we all welcomed spring break with lots of fun and excitement while playing a lot of challenging games that keep everyone giggling,...

New Class Schedule for 2019

Phoenix Academy Fall Season 2019 Class Schedule Announcing Phoenix Academy fall class schedule for 2019! We welcome back our returning students and families and a big Dubai martial arts Hello to new joining members. Find the best class timings for your busy schedule,...


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Belt Testing Schedule 2019-2020

Belt Testing Schedule for October 2019 to June 2020 Please take note of our belt testing schedule for the 2019-2020 season. Make your plans now and don't be surprised with upcoming important events!

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