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Are you ready to embrace the art of Taekwondo and elevate your skills to new heights? Our Taekwondo Academy is excited to introduce our 2024 New Student Special, tailored just for you!

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Two-Week Trial: Immerse yourself in the world of Taekwondo for two weeks at just 250 AED + VAT.

One-Month Intensive: Dive deep into the art with a one-month intensive program for 460 AED + VAT.

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Expert Instruction: Learn from skilled Taekwondo masters dedicated to your growth.

Holistic Development: Experience physical, mental, and spiritual enrichment through our comprehensive curriculum.

Special Offer for Taekwondo classes

Reintroducing Adult Morning Class!

Join our martial arts class for those seeking improved fitness and health. Whether you are looking to balance your mental and physical wellbeing, or just seeking an intense workout – we have something for everyone in our martial arts class!

Achieve the ultimate sense of clarity and focus through the rigorous movements, postures, breathing exercises and self-defense drills that come with martial arts Not only does it strengthen your body but also your mindset!

Let’s do this together!

Special Offer!


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We have classes for children Age 4 & Up, for Youth & Adults at every level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced & Black Belt classes.

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We offer a variety of programs at Phoenix Black Belt Academy and, for each, we have web specials you can take advantage of.

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Martial Arts For Children

Martial Arts For Children

character, friendship, confidence, and self defense

Martial Arts For Kids & Parents

families train together for fitness and self confidence

Fitness PROGRAM For Adults

self defense, weight loss and confidence

Children & Teen Birthday Parties

supervised fun with no stress and no work

We hope you’ll take advantage of this online special offer from Phoenix Black Belt Academy

Emirates Poomsae Championship

The Fujairah Martial Arts Club (Dibba Branch) hosted a spectacular event on October 14th, where martial arts enthusiasts gathered to witness the prowess of talented individuals at the Emirates Open Poomsae Championship. Let's delve into the thrilling competition...

The National Referee Seminar at the University of Sharjah

Introduction On October 7th-8th, Taekwondo enthusiasts and experts convened at the University of Sharjah for the National Referee Refresher Seminar. The event brought together 65 participants, comprising international and local referees, as well as team coaches....

Dubai Taekwondo Bring a Friend – Experience Fun and Learning

phoenix taekwondo students playing dodge ball

Winter Activities For Kids

Between the cold temperatures and the snow and ice outside, it’s no surprise that so many kids would rather stay inside with a video game or the television. The more time that those children spend inside inactive and snacking, the more likely it is that they will gain weight. Parents and educators can look for […]

Training in the Park!!

The morning Adult Class is enjoying the cooler weather with outdoor training in Barsha Park. Sure beats the air conditioning to finally breathe fresh air!! WE LOVE WINTER IN DUBAI!  

Great Activities for Kids in the Summer

Summer Activities for Kids Summer vacation is any kid’s favorite time of year. Some of the best summer activities involve refreshing, tasty snacks. One activity you can do with kids is baking cooking for homemade ice cream sandwiches. Kids love them, and parents do, too. You can find plenty of easy recipes online to make […]

Bullying and depression

Bullying and depression often go hand in hand for both the victims as well as the bullies. People who experience cyber bullying are at an even greater risk of developing clinical depression. Fortunately, there are ways that parents can take action by being attentive to the warning signs and helping their children learn ways to […]

Amazing Feat for Raymond and Patrick!

Patrick and Raymond at the Mt. Everest Base Camp! They had a tough climb up Mt. Everest and really showed the true Phoenix spirit, even carrying their own Academy flag! We are so proud of your accomplishment and you are an inspiration to us all. Here is their story:...

How to Keep Your Child Active

How To Keep Your Child Active Keeping your child active throughout their formative years is essential to ensuring that they grow up to be healthy and strong. There are many methods that you can use to encourage your child to be as active as possible. It’s recommended that you try several of the following, as […]

Ways to Help Prevent Childhood Obesity

Obesity has become a major health problem over the past few decades. While losing weight and getting healthy is difficult for adults, the problem is even more challenging when talking about childhood obesity. No person ever wants to be overweight, but unhealthful eating choices and too little exercise are firmly ingrained habits that are difficult […]

Kids Night Out Another Great Event!

Our Fall Kids Night Out was a great success with over 50 kids turning out for games, friends, fun, and food! There was ballon races, tug of war, tag, and many other games with our instructors joining in for the fun. Stay tuned for the next Kids Night Out announcement….Don’t Miss Out!  

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