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New Student Special Offer!

Take advantage of our New Student Special to get fit, get motivated, or just get moving! Phoenix Academy is offering a special two week, one month, or six weeks special offer that includes a free Academy uniform with belt. A Black Belt Instructor will introduce you to the basics of Tae Kwon Do martial arts. Then you will progress to group sessions with students of your age and skill level, all working together and making new friends.

Now is the time to find out if Phoenix Academy Tae Kwon Do is right for you! We offer lessons for the beginner or advanced student to place you in a class according to your skill level. We believe a single class is not enough to decide if any sport or Academy is right for you.

Thats why we offer this summer introductory package: attend four classes, over 14 days OR three classes per week for one month, or the whole summer of six weeks! This is the best way you can say you have given this amazing sport an honest chance.

Choose the best special offer for your busy schedule. Don’t wait! try our program by calling today or clicking on the Special Offer button below and complete the form. One of our friendly, professional staff will be in contact with you to answer all your questions and start your martial arts journey of fitness, confidence, and self-discipline to a better you!

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Online Special Offer! 


Act Now to Reserve Your Special Offer – Space Is Limited!

We have classes for children Age 4 & Up, for Youth & Adults at every level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced & Black Belt classes.

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We offer a variety of programs at Phoenix Black Belt Academy and, for each, we have web specials you can take advantage of.

To access our current web special for a particular program, just click on its link below.

A new window will open to a page where you can sign up to access the current martial arts special offer for that program.

Martial Arts For Children

Martial Arts For Children

character, friendship, confidence, and self defense

Martial Arts For Kids & Parents

families train together for fitness and self confidence

Fitness PROGRAM For Adults

self defense, weight loss and confidence

Children & Teen Birthday Parties

supervised fun with no stress and no work

We hope you’ll take advantage of this online special offer from Phoenix Black Belt Academy

Olympic Sparring Workshop

Join us for our Olympic Sparring Skill Development Workshop Series! This series is open to all belt levels age 10 and up and age 6-9 Blue Belt and Up only. These skill classes are to build your conditioning, learn the rules of the game, and how to win! This event will...

Congratulations Beginner Belts for a great testing!

A great job to all the beginner kids, youth and Adult students that successfully tested for your next belt. Job well done!

Kids Night Out Another Great Event!

Our Fall Kids Night Out was a great success with over 50 kids turning out for games, friends, fun, and food! There was ballon races, tug of war, tag, and many other games with our instructors joining in for the fun. Stay tuned for the next Kids Night Out announcement….Don’t Miss Out!  

Great Testing and Belt Ceremony

Great job to all our students and families that came out to test for your next belt rank! You are all one step closer to that Black Belt and are becoming amazing martial artists in the process. Don't give up and you will succeed!

Why Martial Arts is Great for a Child’s Development

Children martial arts classes are an excellent complement to traditional team children sports offered by schools. For a variety of reasons, your child can achieve greater physical fitness and development when the usual sports like basketball, football, or baseball are pursued in conjunction with martial arts. Parents may wonder “What is the right age to […]

Phoenix Demo Team takes Silver Medal in Sharja!!!

The Phoenix Demonstration Team worked hard and beat teams from around UAE and abroad to take home the Silver Medal at the UAE National Day Martial Arts Demo Team Championship!!! Well done to our great team and many thanks to their families that have supported them these many months of extra training and coming out […]

New Student Special!

Phoenix Academy has a new student special offer training at our state of the art facility in Al Quoz for all ages and experience levels. This is a great time to get fit with our most popular trial program. We offer beginner classes with our professional instructors...

Third Annual Board Breaking Competition

Phoenix Academy hosted our third annual breaking tournament with the help of Fairview School in Sustainable City, Dubai. We had over 200 competitors participate in a variety of breaking skills to match their age and skill level. All the students were able to perform...

Welcome Fall 2018 Class of Little Tigers!

We have had a great turnout for our 3-4 year old Little Tiger program this fall. We would like to welcome all the little ninjas who put on the belt to learn all the basics of Tae Kwon Do: respect, discipline, and having fun! Instructors Fernand, Lee, and JP are there to coach and encourage […]

How to Respond to Verbal Bullying

  Verbal bullying is an all too common event that children face both in and out of school. This situation happens most commonly in school but it can also happen outside of school hours at sports events, parties and other areas where teens congregate. Knowing what to do and how to respond to verbal bullying […]

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