Summer Activities for Kids

Summer vacation is any kid’s favorite time of year. Some of the best summer activities involve refreshing, tasty snacks. One activity you can do with kids is baking cooking for homemade ice cream sandwiches. Kids love them, and parents do, too. You can find plenty of easy recipes online to make it a fun, carefree experience. If you’re looking for something requiring a little more effort, you could host a Hawaiian luau in the backyard. Whip out the grill, distribute leis to guests, and have the kids put on a little hula show. This could also be a fun opportunity to learn about Hawaiian culture. If you want a simpler summer feast, take the kids to a picnic at the closest state park. Summer is the best time to experience nature.

Speaking of nature, going to the beach is a classic way to soak up some summer sun. Kids love to play in the water and build sandcastles. If you don’t have any beach toys, you could even bring old Tupperware and buckets for just as much fun. To nurture kids’ curiosity, have them pick up interesting rocks and shells – they could even start a collection. Kids also love scavenger hunts, and outdoor hunts offer the best opportunities to explore. You could turn it into a literacy activity by having kids look for items that start with each letter of the alphabet.

Benefits of Martial Arts

Summer is a good time to try out a new sport or hobby. Martial arts practice is one the best activities for kids because it promotes a happy and healthy lifestyle which kids will carry with them into the future. Martial arts help kids feel more secure because they learn self-defense techniques. They also a learn a variety of other physical skills which are useful throughout the lifespan; these include coordination, balance, and overall fitness. Along with physical skills, kids learn more functional life skills such as maintaining focus, building confidence, respecting others, persisting in difficult tasks, and working on a team.

You may worry that these types of sports are too violent for kids. Rest assured that kids learn both defensive strategies and non-violent conflict resolution skills. Most programs target specific age groups, so the skills being taught are age-appropriate. The integration of strength and character development is what makes this practice so effective. Kids learn the skills they need to succeed in school and in life. Martial artists are adept at self-control, a skill that many kids could definitely benefit from practicing. Kids also learn to set goals while working within the colored belt system, advancing toward the black belt. The black belt is a symbol of success and perseverance. Kids learn to set short, intermediate, and long-term goals. Martial artists are aware of their strengths and challenges and experience more peace as a result of this self-awareness. It is best to get kids started in practicing and developing these skills at a young age.

Pat Morgan