On October 7th-8th, Taekwondo enthusiasts and experts convened at the University of Sharjah for the National Referee Refresher Seminar. The event brought together 65 participants, comprising international and local referees, as well as team coaches. Furthermore, all were eagerly anticipating insights into the updated amendments to Taekwondo rules, encompassing both poomsae and kyorugi.

The Importance of Staying Updated

In the world of Taekwondo, staying current with the latest rules and regulations is paramount. The seminar offers referees and coaches a valuable chance to boost their understanding of the sport.

Key Takeaways from the Seminar

At the seminar, participants explored the intricacies of the updated rules in both poomsae and kyorugi. These key takeaways included:

  1. Poomsae Rules Updates: Participants learned about recent changes regulating athletes’ precise and controlled movements during forms. These updates are crucial for referees and coaches to ensure accurate scoring and fair competition.
  2. Kyorugi Rule Amendments: In the dynamic world of sparring, staying abreast of the latest rule changes is crucial. Seminar attendees gained insights into recent updates, ensuring they can officiate matches and coach athletes effectively.
  3. Interactive Sessions: The seminar included sessions for participants to clarify doubts, discuss scenarios, and receive guidance from experienced referees and coaches. These interactions fostered a deeper understanding of the rules and their application in real-world situations.
  4. Networking Opportunities: Beyond the rules, the seminar provided a platform for referees, coaches, and enthusiasts to network and share experiences. Building connections within the Taekwondo community is essential for personal growth and the development of the sport.

Mr. Shuhaib and Mr. Dennis: Seminar Participants

Notably, Mr. Shuhaib and Mr. Dennis were among the enthusiastic participants who attended the National Referee Refresher Seminar. Both have a passion for Taekwondo and recognized the importance of staying updated with the sport’s evolving rules and regulations.

The Commitment to Continuous Learning

Mr. Shuhaib and Mr. Dennis’s seminar attendance highlights their commitment to continuous learning and dedication to enhancing the Taekwondo community. As active referees and coaches, they recognize that their knowledge directly influences the athletes they guide and the sport’s integrity.


In conclusion, the seminar at the University of Sharjah was a significant gathering for Taekwondo enthusiasts, fostering valuable knowledge. Consequently, this ensures that referees and coaches, such as Mr. Shuhaib and Mr. Dennis, can further contribute to the world of Taekwondo.

If you’re into Taekwondo as a referee, coach, or enthusiast, prioritize attending events like the National Referee Refresher Seminar. Staying updated with the latest rule amendments is essential for maintaining the integrity of the sport and fostering its growth.

Stay tuned for more updates on Taekwondo and its evolving rules, and continue to enhance your Taekwondo knowledge.