JStep into the world of Dubai Taekwondo at Phoenix Academy’s exhilarating “Bring a Friend” event, held over the weekend of September 18th and 19th. This dynamic gathering isn’t just about martial arts; it’s a gateway to camaraderie and skill development. With a focus on fundamental values like basics, coordination, focus, listening, discipline, and respect, this event promises an electrifying experience for all participants.

Friendship in Motion

The essence of the “Bring a Friend” event was reflected in the smiles and laughter that filled the taekwondo studio. It was an opportunity to welcome newcomers and friends, making them feel like an integral part of the taekwondo family. As the participants arrived with their friends, the atmosphere buzzed with excitement.

The Basics of Taekwondo

Taekwondo, like any martial art, is all about the basics. Whether you’re a pro or a newbie, mastering these basics is the first step. In class, you’ll dive into exercises focusing on stances, kicks, and punches.


Stances are like the building blocks of taekwondo. They’re your starting positions before making a move or defending yourself. Learn to stand tall with proper posture, ready to act at any moment. Mastering stances lays a solid foundation for your taekwondo journey.


Kicks are the heart and soul of taekwondo, and they’re where the excitement truly begins, especially for beginners. In taekwondo, you’ll learn a variety of kicks, from simple to more complex ones, but it all starts with mastering the basics.


Punches may seem simple, but they’re an art in taekwondo. Learn to throw a punch focusing on speed, accuracy, and strength. With practice, your punches will become sharper and more effective, enhancing your martial arts skills.

The Art of Listening

Listening is a crucial skill in taekwondo, both within and beyond the dojang (training hall). In turn, students and their friends comprehended the significance of attentive listening as they followed their instructors’ guidance. This skill, often overlooked, proved crucial in mastering the complex details of taekwondo techniques.

Discipline and Respect

Taekwondo places great emphasis on discipline and respect. During the event, we instill these values in all participants. Furthermore, we emphasized bowing for respect, upholding martial arts courtesy.We enforced discipline through rigorous training routines, fostering a sense of commitment and responsibility among all attendees.


The September 18th and 19th “Bring a Friend” event was a success, enhancing skills and forging enduring friendships. It showcased the true spirit of taekwondo, emphasizing the values of basics, coordination, focus, listening, discipline, and respect. Participants left with a renewed sense of purpose and a deeper appreciation for the martial art.

Experience the thrill of taekwondo at Phoenix Academy with our trial session. Join us to master basics, improve coordination, and embrace discipline and respect. Check out our class schedule and start your taekwondo adventure today!