The Fujairah Martial Arts Club (Dibba Branch) hosted a spectacular event on October 14th, where martial arts enthusiasts gathered to witness the prowess of talented individuals at the Emirates Open Poomsae Championship. Let’s delve into the thrilling competition results and celebrate the achievements of these exceptional athletes.

Poomsae Competition Results Unveiled

The competition brought together a diverse group of participants, showcasing their skills in various categories. Here are the standout performers from the Emirates Open Poomsae Championship:

Girls Shine Bright in Poomsae

  1. Tiffany – Securing the Gold, Tiffany’s flawless performance highlighted her dedication and skill in Poomsae.
  2. Rafia – Another Gold medalist, Rafia demonstrated exceptional precision and technique in her routines.
  3. J Mayvanwei – Adding to the Gold tally, Jmay’s performance stood out, earning her a well-deserved spot on the podium.
  4. Ekaterina – Claiming the Silver, Ekaterina’s commitment to excellence was evident in her impressive display.
  5. Catelyn – Securing a Silver medal, Catelyn’s skillful execution showcased her talent in Poomsae.
  6. Ruby – Taking home the Bronze, Ruby’s performance was marked by grace and agility.
  7. Kenzi – Another Bronze medalist, Kenzi’s dedication to the sport shone through in her routines.
  8. Sofia – Achieving 6th Place, Sofia’s commendable effort and performance added to the overall excitement.
  9. Marina – Securing 5th Place, Marina showcased her skills, contributing to the competitive spirit of the event.

Boys Display Exceptional Prowess

  1. Aashvik – Standing tall with a Gold medal, Aashvik’s stellar performance reflected his dedication to Poomsae.
  2. Aarav – Claiming the Silver, Aarav’s precision and focus were evident in his captivating routines.
  3. Hamza – Taking home the Bronze, Hamza’s skill and determination added to the intensity of the competition.
  4. Louis – Another Bronze medalist, Louis showcased his prowess in the art of Poomsae.
  5. Dr. Ali – Achieving 5th Place, Dr. Ali’s participation added a touch of expertise to the competition.

Girls Team Secures Overall 3rd Place

In a testament to teamwork and collective excellence, the Girls Team clinched the overall 3rd place. Their synchronized performances and individual brilliance contributed to the success of the team.