Phoenix Academy has a new student special offer training at our state of the art facility in Al Quoz for all ages and experience levels. This is a great time to get fit with our most popular trial program. We offer beginner classes with our professional instructors who will evaluate your skill level and give you the basic foundation you need to begin your martial arts journey. Then join our group lessons with other students at your age and skill level to build your confidence and learn at your own pace. We teach traditional Tae Kwon Do with Poomse/Forms, sparring skills, and Hapkido self-defense techniques. This package includes up to four semi-private group lessons over 14 consecutive days and a Taekwondo uniform with belt for 200 AED (+VAT). Recommended for children, siblings, adults, those with no experience or previous training. Call us today to start your martial arts journey to fitness, confidence, and self-defense!